Many of my clients ask me how can I clean and have my jewelry look great all the time. Over the years I have found the secret to solving this problem.

1.) First and most important you have to take your jewelry to a jeweler and have them professionally clean your item. This is an important step and must be done by having the jeweler put your item into a hot ultrasonic liquid that will soften and loosen all dirt that is caked into the holes under the stones. The dirt under the stones is blocking the light from refracting out. It should take a good 20 – 30 minutes for the item to soak and then be steamed clean.

2.) Once the item is professionally clean buy a bottle of jewelry cleaner, (I recommend Connoisseur Jewelry Cleaner) it is important that you buy the GOLD jewelry cleaner it works for platinum and gold. DO NOT PUT SILVER IN IT, IT WILL CONTAMINATE THE SOULTION. The bottle comes with a little basket and brush.

3.) After its been professionally cleaned the jewelry must be put in it every night after you wear it. The next morning remove the basket with the item and run under hot water. This will wash away any dirt or film that was on the item. (BE SURE TO PULL THE DRAIN STOPPER FIRST) If you do this EVERY DAY the item will look like new. Don’t worry if you forget to remove it, I know of a lot of people who store their rings in the bottles it won’t hurt it. “Be sure to read the bottle on which stones it says to NOT put in the solution”.

The solution is not a magic liquid that allows you to let the ring get dirty over weeks and then swish around it for 10 seconds and its then clean. Up keep is just that, you must do it daily to keep up with it. You will love the results and be proud to hear all the complements on how wonderful your jewelry always looks!